What's New
  • 2003-05-28
    Version 0.4b Released
  • 2002-12-08
    Version 0.4a Released
  • 2002-11-24
    Version 0.3 Released
  • 2002-11-23
    Version 0.2 Released
  • 2002-11-10
    Version 0.1 Released
  • 2002-11-10
    Website Launched

MozNotes is a plugin for Mozilla for scribbling down 'sticky' or 'postit' notes. The project is loosely modelled on KNotes.

We're still at an early stage of development, but check out the latest source code or screenshots to see where the project is heading.

You can also install the latest XPI.

The moznotes project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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